‘Coffee Haus’ at Tunbridge Wells art gallery

Friday night, late night ‘Coffee Haus’ at the Tunbridge wells art museum saw Dave Mckean’s exhibition filled with the aroma of Nicaraguan single origin coffee. We were invited to hold the event and are very pleased to say that it went with a caffeinated bang…pretty sure that a few people didn’t manage to sleep until the early hours as the Frappes and pour over were still going until 9:30, although, actually, a great way to keep your eye on the fantastic art work on show by the very talented Dave McKean.

So after our first month in, we are now settled enough to promise a full range of options in the ‘Out catering’ department. Whether you are hosting a 50th birthday bash, wedding reception or a Bar mitzvah, Fine Grind is at your service. We aim to provide the smoothest of hospitality. With a dedicated team of friendly Baristas and  can promise that your guests will enjoy 5* service, reception food and beverages. If you are looking for something a little more interesting or complicated then get in touch, we are wizards with ideas and can liaise with you to arranging your important event.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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Love,  The finest coffee geeks in town



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