Giving back….

‘Coffee kids’    Giving it back –

On Saturday the 10th of May we will be hosting the first of our ‘Coffee tastings evenings’. We also thought it would be a good idea to tie it in with our favored charity so, there will also be a small auction and the proceeds from the evening will be donated to a favoured charity ‘Coffee kids’.

I previously travelled the world over a long period and during that time I witnessed a lot of poverty, often in the coffee growing regions of the world. It made a lasting impression on me, I never took for granted the well crafted flat white that I was sipping on the ‘Rocks’ in Sydney, and, paying a decent premium for it, I may add. The visions of poverty and coffee were always in the back of my mind.

When I see those beautiful beans, all cuddled up in the hopper, I’m sometimes transported back to Asia or Africa, I know all to well how that great taste was achieved and just how much hard work was put into harvesting, all to easy to forget when you’re sipping your favorite cup with friends at your favourite coffee shop.

Once I properly got into the coffee industry I quickly learned that I was in fact in a position to share and to give back.  I firmly believe that as an industry; we have a responsibility to sustain our future and that of the farmers and their families.

We are fortunate to be born into the ‘First World’ …fortunate to live the lives we do. Obviously we all have our ups and downs but in general we live in a country and society that provides us with the support to not just ‘get by’ in life, but to do well both financially and in other ways, for many ‘doing well’ is not within their terms of reference and their lives are hard.

Coffee is one of the biggest commodities in the world and has bean for years, what would you do without your morning coffee?  It keeps us going, it keeps us awake, it brings people together and for some of us, it pays the bills.

After each harvest the farming families have enough money to ‘exist’ and all is comparatively well but between harvests they find it hard to stretch their income and all to often they run short of money and really struggle. They are faced with ever increasing challenges. Climate change, crop disease, health issues, exploitation, corruption, market instability & rampant food insecurity to name a few. If we want to secure our early morning cappuccino fix then we need to act.   As an independent, it is within my power to make choices that are ethical and fair.   It’s up to us, as industry independents and as consumers to make these conscious choices and by doing so, we will secure the future of coffee, we must protect those who produce it.

‘Horsham Coffee Roaster’ will kindly donate a home supply of ‘Premier single origin coffee beans’ as well as a home brew kit. Again, the proceeds will be donated to the cause and the winner will have the choice of where they want the money invested, whether that is to buy a piglet for a family, contributing to a farmers irrigation system, or to invest in a ‘women’s small business’. Any of the above will make an entirely disproportionate contribution to the farmers and their families.

What would you give a coffee-farming family?   You can do so by joining us for our first Coffee tasting charity evening.

We hope to see you soon,