Here at Fine Grind we go to considerable lengths and methods to measure, weigh and extract and perfect our grind with the strictest of standards to ensure our coffee is as good as it possibly can be each and every time you visit us.

Our Baristas are all fully trained by professional Antipodean Baristas. If you ever feel that your coffee does not meet your expectation or you are unhappy in anyway, please let us know, we want your experience to be as positive as it can be, we can make it just the way you like it… whether you like 3 shots or ½ a shot… it’s your choice.



We use a La Marzocco Linea espresso machine. It’s a well-known, classic machine that has really been instrumental in the unprecedented rise of the coffee culture you now see in England. Hand made in Florence in Italy, it is the ultimate espresso machine and it’s about as sexy as a coffee machine can get… oh, and it also produces a pretty good shot of espresso.



We use San Remo SR50 on demand grinders. Once again, from the home of espresso, Italy. Every time an order is taken, the coffee is freshly ground to order. It takes 8 seconds to grind one dose, as a result, not an ounce of freshness is lost from the beans and it locks in all those great oils that are released when an extraction takes place. The result: a beautiful crèma, each and every time!



We searched high and low for a good roaster, someone that understood the importance about roasting in small batches, fair trade sourcing and working in an ethical way. We now work closely with a small family run business in Horsham, Horsham Coffee Roaster, run by Bradley and his wife Amelia. Bradley is a coffee fanatic. His love affair with coffee began a long time ago in Canada. It was there that they bought their first green beans, in Toronto, and, it’s safe to say that after roasting that first batch, they were hooked. They are now dedicated to producing the best possible roasted coffee they can. Proudly running their own family business they roast small batches of carefully chosen lots from all over the world.

Horsham Coffee Roaster believes in only sourcing coffee that has been ethically sourced and traded. They actively support a variety of certification programs including UTZ, Rainforest Alliance and Fairtrade as well as directly traded and coffee supported charities.


Coffee should be traceable not just to a country or region but directly to a farm or co-operative. They select green coffee beans on the basis of cupping and assessment scores and profile their roasts to extract the best possible flavours. You won’t find them selling any dark roasted coffee, they believe the beautiful, complex flavours are at their prime in the medium roast range. Bradley sticks to the premise of “If you like your coffee on the strong side, don’t worry, just use a bit more when you brew”.

We retail the blends and single origin coffees we serve to you too, so don’t be afraid to chat to us about your personal favourite; we can freshly grind your choice at the bar for either espresso or filter coffee.

Come and talk to us about coffee!