Buy our coffee

You can now buy 200g bags of our single origin coffee that we brew daily in the shop. We always have three different origins on at any one time, they will always have contrasting tasting notes and there will always be a great decaf available, either swiss water process, sugarcane or C02 process… We recommend […]

Disgusted, of Tunbridge wells..

Delighted, of Tunbridge Wells ;- recently in an idle moment, I was searching local news items on the internet and came upon a section entitled ‘Disgusted, Tunbridge Wells’, it intrigued me to the extent of further enquiry and hence the following;- Wikipedia;- “Generic name used in England for a person, usually with strong Conservative political views, […]

The story behind your coffee….

There is always hidden story…delve a little deeper and you will find that your flat white has been carefully crafted. There is a quite unbelievable network of process’s, structures and hard-work gone into getting your much loved coffee to the table it is sitting on… I am always amazed and intrigued in the coffee’s we […]

Giving back….

‘Coffee kids’    Giving it back – On Saturday the 10th of May we will be hosting the first of our ‘Coffee tastings evenings’. We also thought it would be a good idea to tie it in with our favored charity so, there will also be a small auction and the proceeds from the evening will be […]

‘Coffee Haus’ at Tunbridge Wells art gallery

Friday night, late night ‘Coffee Haus’ at the Tunbridge wells art museum saw Dave Mckean’s exhibition filled with the aroma of Nicaraguan single origin coffee. We were invited to hold the event and are very pleased to say that it went with a caffeinated bang…pretty sure that a few people didn’t manage to sleep until […]

We’re up and running! (plus a little about our story)

So, after a busy launch weekend, we are up and running at last! A little about us: we are Fine Grind Espresso Bar: Matt Dunford and team. Matt purchased Green’s Coffee Shop in late October of 2013 as a going concern, and ran through Christmas while preparing to refit and reopen with our vision of […]

Almost ready to go!

It’s been a busy couple of weeks but here at Fine Grind Espresso Bar we are almost ready to open.