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You can now buy 200g bags of our single origin coffee that we brew daily in the shop.

We always have three different origins on at any one time, they will always have contrasting tasting notes and there will always be a great decaf available, either swiss water process, sugarcane or C02 process…

We recommend buying ‘Just beans’ as it keeps the freshness locked in but we can grind for you if you need, it just takes a little longer. Advice is always available for brewing tips, just ask, we are always happy to talk coffee.

Watch this space for brewing equipment, it’s on it’s way.


Disgusted, of Tunbridge wells..

Delighted, of Tunbridge Wells ;- recently in an idle moment, I was searching local news items on the internet and came upon a section entitled ‘Disgusted, Tunbridge Wells’, it intrigued me to the extent of further enquiry and hence the following;-

Wikipedia;- “Generic name used in England for a person, usually with strong Conservative political views, who writes letters to newspapers in a tone of moral outrage’

This conjured up the most wonderful image in my mind…it seems a former editor of The Tunbridge wells advertiser who was concerned about the lack of feedback from his readers, encouraged his staff to pen a few and “disgusted, Tunbridge Wells” was born. In recent Times it seems that residents have rallied against the tag and have demanded it be dropped in favour of “Delighted, Tunbridge Wells” and as a recent resident, my view is ‘why not.’ I believe that there are few environments in Kent to match our town, it is prosperous, clean, culturally diverse and has history oozing from every pore. Summer is finished now but it is still warm, September is trying hard not to give way to Autumn, I have stared walking rather than driving, I am privileged to be amongst the wonderful Georgian and Victorian architecture and living as I do on the Pantiles I have been treated to Jazz, dance, food & music festivals, farmers markets, bric a brac and objets’d’art . What more would I want? Maybe a cold beer….my choice is obvious… yes,’ Delighted Tunbridge Wells’ sums it up well, long may it last.

Welcome to the Home of the Fine Grind Espresso Bar;- The team at Fine Grind are committed to producing the perfect espresso for the burgeoning market enjoying our ‘café scene’ and the espresso sipping people of Tunbridge Wells.

Our Coffee;- we provide a choice, our signature blend to suit the most discerning palate & forever changing ‘Single Origins’ personally selected in association with Horsham Coffee roasters. You are assured that your coffee is made with the finest green beans sourced from farmers demonstrating sustainable practices towards the environment and workers rights and expertly blended and roasted,

Why an Independent? Because we can make choices and provide you with the best products. Franchisees can’t step outside their brand to provide the customer with something extra….we can, at Fine Grind we have the ability to respond to your needs and we are as responsive as you will allow which is why I would ask you to give me some feedback on the following ideas;- firstly our new Menu;- stumbling through Paris as I once was, I found myself amazed at the Parisian Lunchtime feeding frenzy, true, the French still indulge themselves to the two hour lunch but less so in Paris now when the fast life style is beginning to catch up with more traditional approach to food. What I was evidencing was a veritable Gallic Piranha-like frenzied attack on a sandwich café, the place had filled baguettes stacked ceiling high and soft drinks along with a few pastries…I was amazed at the queues and the speed at which the stock disappeared. And so, we have given birth to something more Anglo Saxon and ‘fitting’ to Tunbridge Wells, the ‘Bespoke Baguette’. Fine grind is giving you the opportunity to make your own….choose whatever high quality fillings you desire. In fact we will even deliver them to your office if you are on the high st if you phone in or tweet us your order by 11.00am each day…check out our new menu and ‘bag yourself a bespoke Baguette’ and let us provide you with the ultimate coffee experience to.

‘The greatest beverage in the world’ in my humble opinion, coffee beats beer for this title. I often say that I would prefer to give up beer than coffee, so it is only natural that one would try to make a beverage that incorporates both. I recently went on a ‘field trip’ to Canterbury to sample some competitors coffee but you can really only drink that and found myself instead sampling a craft beer ‘C4 double Brown ale with coffee’. The hoppy Brown ale compliments both the roasted and fruity aspects of the coffee without putting up, much of a fight, the coffee component was lightly roasted, delicate, exceptionally fruity Ethiopian beans. I promise you this is MUCH better than it sounds.

So it made me think….’Fine Grind’ recently applied for an alcohol licence, we intend to stock a small selection of craft beers and New World wines? We will never sell ‘Booze’ and all the negative attributes that word conveys, however Craft beers and Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc are for the discerning palate and compliment our food & coffee beautifully…I am already sold on the idea and would value your feedback. If you have never had a craft beer experience ask me about it;- premium products always compliment one another.

So as the darker evenings draw in and the cold wind starts to blow, as you walk past, you will notice a warm light glowing in our windows from our burning candles, we will be open a little later than usual and offering you a relaxed, intimate atmosphere where you can enjoy a well earned glass of Shiraz, a craft beer, or even a ‘flat white’ at the end of the day…we look forward to seeing you, and as always, at your service…..‘Delighted Of Tunbridge Wells.


The story behind your coffee….

There is always hidden story…delve a little deeper and you will find that your flat white has been carefully crafted. There is a quite unbelievable network of process’s, structures and hard-work gone into getting your much loved coffee to the table it is sitting on…

I am always amazed and intrigued in the coffee’s we regularly get in the shop. We change them each week so I read up and always love the stories behind the different farms and families that produce the beans that fuel my business. This week I thought I would share a little but of info on our Guest coffee, remember, we should never forget where our coffee has come from and why it exists…

Ponto Alegre has been farmed by the Sousa family for over a century. The family has been focusing on coffee since 1960 and the farm is currently managed by the fourth generation of Sousas – Mabel, her husband Leandro and her two brothers, Renato and Eduardo.!

The farm extends over a total of 419.4 hectares, 270 of which are planted out with coffee of the Mundo Novo and Catuaí varietals.
The farm employs 60 permanent workers, with 25 families living on site in houses equipped with clean drinking water, electricity and modern bathroom facilities. During peak harvest months Ponto Alegre takes on over 200 workers. All of the farm’s employees are registered in accordance with Brazil’s employment laws. They also have access to the farm’s medical clinic, dentistry clinic and crèche, as well as free transport for their older children to attend school in the local town of Cabo Verde.!
Ponto Alegre is equipped with a state of the art wet mill, including 19,000 square metres of patio for sun-drying their coffees as well as covered drying beds.

The waste water from the wet mill is treated for at least 18 months using a sophisticated complex of filter beds and lagoons before being returned to the natural environment in order to prevent any pollution of local water courses. Some 120 hectares of the farm are also set aside as natural reserve providing habitat for a wide range of flora and fauna.

We are always looking to get our coffee from a place that sustains the future of coffee.

This is the first time we have had a blended process single origin coffee and we are really impressed. Come in a try a cup, I promise you wont be disappointed, and if you want to learn a bit more about the different process’s then just ask, Matt is always happy to chat with you about things.

And remember guys…given enough coffee, you could rule the world!

Giving back….

‘Coffee kids’    Giving it back –

On Saturday the 10th of May we will be hosting the first of our ‘Coffee tastings evenings’. We also thought it would be a good idea to tie it in with our favored charity so, there will also be a small auction and the proceeds from the evening will be donated to a favoured charity ‘Coffee kids’.

I previously travelled the world over a long period and during that time I witnessed a lot of poverty, often in the coffee growing regions of the world. It made a lasting impression on me, I never took for granted the well crafted flat white that I was sipping on the ‘Rocks’ in Sydney, and, paying a decent premium for it, I may add. The visions of poverty and coffee were always in the back of my mind.

When I see those beautiful beans, all cuddled up in the hopper, I’m sometimes transported back to Asia or Africa, I know all to well how that great taste was achieved and just how much hard work was put into harvesting, all to easy to forget when you’re sipping your favorite cup with friends at your favourite coffee shop.

Once I properly got into the coffee industry I quickly learned that I was in fact in a position to share and to give back.  I firmly believe that as an industry; we have a responsibility to sustain our future and that of the farmers and their families.

We are fortunate to be born into the ‘First World’ …fortunate to live the lives we do. Obviously we all have our ups and downs but in general we live in a country and society that provides us with the support to not just ‘get by’ in life, but to do well both financially and in other ways, for many ‘doing well’ is not within their terms of reference and their lives are hard.

Coffee is one of the biggest commodities in the world and has bean for years, what would you do without your morning coffee?  It keeps us going, it keeps us awake, it brings people together and for some of us, it pays the bills.

After each harvest the farming families have enough money to ‘exist’ and all is comparatively well but between harvests they find it hard to stretch their income and all to often they run short of money and really struggle. They are faced with ever increasing challenges. Climate change, crop disease, health issues, exploitation, corruption, market instability & rampant food insecurity to name a few. If we want to secure our early morning cappuccino fix then we need to act.   As an independent, it is within my power to make choices that are ethical and fair.   It’s up to us, as industry independents and as consumers to make these conscious choices and by doing so, we will secure the future of coffee, we must protect those who produce it.

‘Horsham Coffee Roaster’ will kindly donate a home supply of ‘Premier single origin coffee beans’ as well as a home brew kit. Again, the proceeds will be donated to the cause and the winner will have the choice of where they want the money invested, whether that is to buy a piglet for a family, contributing to a farmers irrigation system, or to invest in a ‘women’s small business’. Any of the above will make an entirely disproportionate contribution to the farmers and their families.

What would you give a coffee-farming family?   You can do so by joining us for our first Coffee tasting charity evening.

We hope to see you soon,


‘Coffee Haus’ at Tunbridge Wells art gallery

Friday night, late night ‘Coffee Haus’ at the Tunbridge wells art museum saw Dave Mckean’s exhibition filled with the aroma of Nicaraguan single origin coffee. We were invited to hold the event and are very pleased to say that it went with a caffeinated bang…pretty sure that a few people didn’t manage to sleep until the early hours as the Frappes and pour over were still going until 9:30, although, actually, a great way to keep your eye on the fantastic art work on show by the very talented Dave McKean.

So after our first month in, we are now settled enough to promise a full range of options in the ‘Out catering’ department. Whether you are hosting a 50th birthday bash, wedding reception or a Bar mitzvah, Fine Grind is at your service. We aim to provide the smoothest of hospitality. With a dedicated team of friendly Baristas and  can promise that your guests will enjoy 5* service, reception food and beverages. If you are looking for something a little more interesting or complicated then get in touch, we are wizards with ideas and can liaise with you to arranging your important event.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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Love,  The finest coffee geeks in town



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We’re up and running! (plus a little about our story)

So, after a busy launch weekend, we are up and running at last!

A little about us: we are Fine Grind Espresso Bar: Matt Dunford and team. Matt purchased Green’s Coffee Shop in late October of 2013 as a going concern, and ran through Christmas while preparing to refit and reopen with our vision of an Espresso Bar. We’re excited to be on the High Street and have already met many new friends, online and in the flesh, and we hope to meet more of you soon.

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Almost ready to go!

It’s been a busy couple of weeks but here at Fine Grind Espresso Bar we are almost ready to open.

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